Common Misconceptions About Professional Document Shredding

Common Misconceptions About Professional Document Shredding

Document destruction is an important part of keeping businesses safe and secure from data theft. However, some new businesses might find the idea of going to a professional shredder pointless for a few reasons. Today, we’ll go through some of those common misconceptions about professional document shredding to illustrate just how important this process is to business security.

“In-house shredding is good enough!”

Going to a professional shredder might seem pointless when you can simply buy a shredder for your office. However, using a professional document destruction service is much more reliable and secure than leaving the task to employees in the office. By going to a shredding service, you can see the documents go into the shredder in front of your own eyes. This prevents documents from skipping the shredder and going into the hands of malicious parties. Employees also might not prioritize shredding given their other daily tasks. This is why a dedicated shredding service is far more efficient manner of disposal.

“We have enough storage for documents, so who cares about shredding?”

Sure, you might have enough storage for documents to last your entire career. However, the longer a document remains in an office—especially if minimally protected—the more likely it is to wind up in the wrong hands. Plus, some confidential documents, such as tax and medical files, require thorough disposal after a certain period of time.

Hopefully, like most reputable companies, you already have a document retention schedule in place. Stay on schedule and dispose of confidential documents when it’s time to do so. This will keep your business practices legal and secure.

“We don’t need a shredding service because we’re a small business!”

Even if your business is small and handles only a tiny amount of paperwork, you still have to abide by retention schedules and secure document destruction practices. Small businesses are just as beholden to retention schedules and as susceptible to data breaches as any other business.

Now that you’re more aware of these common misconceptions about professional document shredding, you should be ready to take the next step: finding a local service to help you securely destroy your documents. At The Shredding Company, we provide commercial businesses with secure materials destruction and paper shredding services in Maryland, Virginia, and D.C.