Environmental Benefits of Incinerating Materials

Environmental Benefits of Incinerating Materials

There are various options when it comes to the destruction of professional materials, one of which is incineration. Services that specialize in materials destruction via incineration are beneficial for a few reasons. If your business or government agency needs to dispose of materials that can’t be properly destroyed through a shredder, a high-quality incinerator can get the job done as long as you partner with the right service.

Not only can commercial companies benefit from these services, but government agencies can as well. These materials include recalled products, ballistic materials, wet or moldy materials, and even seized firearms. Some commercial companies can use a professional shredding service, but for certain confidential government documents, agencies will typically need to use incineration as the method of destruction.

Aside from how effective this process is at destroying materials, there are immense environmental benefits of incinerating materials, too. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down why this process is environmentally friendly and how exactly it helps commercial companies and government agencies carry out their business.

An Alternative To Landfills

The more people there are, the more waste is being consistently generated. Due to this fact, landfills have become a popular means of waste disposal over the years. A landfill is a monitored site in which waste is securely placed each and every year. While there are regulations in place to keep landfill management as safe as possible, they’re the least effective and sustainable option when it comes to throwing out materials.

The reason for this is because the organic material in landfills produces a substance by the name of “landfill gas.” This gas contains a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide. Landfill gas has a negative impact on the environment unless it is properly collected and re-used to provide electricity.

Reliability and Sustainability

So, if some amount of good can come from landfills, then what’s the problem? The problem is that high-quality, professional incineration techniques will produce far less greenhouse gas while still providing a means of clean energy. This is why The Shredding Company, Inc. is zero landfills compliant.

The term “zero landfills compliant” literally means we don’t send scraps to landfills. More specifically, zero landfills compliance is about focusing on higher areas of the waste disposal hierarchy. Other favorable levels of the waste disposal hierarchy include actions like recycling, composting, and source reduction.

As one of the most reliable paper shredding services in DC, we also offer incineration services to our clients. Earlier, we touched on the fact that this process is especially helpful for government agencies who need to dispose of ballistic materials, seized firearms, seized narcotics, and confidential documents.

In order for incineration services to handle such government-related materials, they must always handle and dispose of materials in accordance with NISPOM, which stands for the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual.

This is essentially a series of guidelines that government contractors must follow when handling any sort of classified data—whether physical or digital. By providing government agencies with NISPOM-compliant incineration, The Shredding Company, Inc. provides the aforementioned agencies with an environmentally-friendly way of disposing sensitive data and materials.

Not only do we securely incinerate a variety of materials, but we also utilize high-quality pollution control techniques that allow us to turn that waste into clean energy. Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is that harmful substances can come from material incineration. That’s why you’ll see the term “reliable” consistently used throughout this guide. By teaming with a reliable incinerator service after doing the proper research, you can have the assurance that your materials are thoroughly and smartly incinerated.

For example, thanks to our aforementioned high-quality pollution control methods, we have the ability to produce around 2,500 megawatts of capacity to the national power grid. Simultaneously, this keeps 97,000 tons of waste out of landfills on an annual basis.

Combats Potential Contamination

Another issue with simply putting applicable waste into landfills instead of incinerators is the potential for that waste to seep into the groundwater and soil that sits below. Many landfills utilize protective liners to keep pollutants out of the soil and groundwater.

However, these liners have the potential to break and allow waste materials to make their way into the local land and contaminate it. Instead, by choosing to incinerate your waste, you can avoid contributing to environmentally-harmful accidents.

Why and How To Find the Right Incinerator

The environmental benefits of incinerating materials comes down to the ability to take disposed materials and turn them into useable, clean energy without producing excessive greenhouse gases in the process. Many people might look at environmentally-friendly practices and consider them an afterthought. That being said, they’re far from it.

When you’re in the role of overseeing a business or government agency, you have a responsibility to use smart waste disposal methods in the workplace. Having a greener mindset in your work environment is an essential step that will have an incredible impact on the world around you.

Ensuring environmentally-friendly practices for materials destruction is also key for tasks such as hard drives, laptops, and even paper document disposal. When carried out incorrectly, these necessary forms of data destruction can be hazardous, but in the right hands these processes can instead provide many benefits. Whenever you partner with a materials destruction service company of any kind, always inquire about their disposal methods and whether or not they’re environmentally conscious.

If your company or government agency is in need of material destruction services like incineration or shredding, reach out to The Shredding Company, Inc. for help. Our services are available in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. If you’re not in these areas and must reach out to another service for assistance, always be meticulous with who you partner with.

Given the nature of sensitive data, aside from their environmentally-friendly practices, always ask a company about how they conduct background checks. Also, be sure to look at reviews from previous clients who have used their services.

One of the most effective ways to know whether or not a materials destruction service provider is trustworthy is by visiting their website and looking for NAID AAA certification. Finding the certification symbol on the company’s site is an easy task that will help prioritize data security and environmental friendliness at the same time.

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