Factors That Affect the Cost of Paper Shredding Services

Professional paper shredding services can help commercial businesses and government agencies follow the right data destruction procedures. However, though these services are necessary, they do come at a cost. This guide will break down the specific factors that affect the cost of paper shredding services.

Amount of Materials

The volume of materials you need to dispose of will play a key part in determining the price you pay. The exact method that services will use to charge per volume may differ slightly from provider to provider.

Some shredders will charge per box of materials, whereas others will charge by the pound. This is why it’s important to do thorough research into each shredder before committing to one for your materials destruction needs.

Type of Service

When you want to shred documents, there are two popular options you’ll frequently find: on-site and off-site. Not all shredders offer both options, but some will. On-site shredding is a situation in which the service brings a mobile shredder to your office and destroys the documents then and there.

On the other hand, off-site shredding involves securely storing the documents in specialized bins. After you store the documents, your service provider carefully transports them to an off-site shredder for destruction.

Of both options, off-site shredding tends to carry a lower price. However, this is another factor that may differ from shredder to shredder.

Frequency of Service

There are technically four options when it comes to shredding. The two aforementioned methods pertain to where the shredding occurs. However, two more options decide the frequency of the shredding: one-time and on-going.

One-time shredding is exactly what it sounds like, which is the service helping you dispose of documents one time only. Although, there’s obviously still the possibility of another one-time appointment later down the line if you desire.

On-going services mean the shredder regularly disposes of your documents on a carefully scheduled basis. These appointments can be daily, weekly, or even monthly, depending on the options your shredder provides. On-going services tend to come at a lower price than one-time appointments, but, once again, this can differ between service providers.

You should now understand the key factors that affect the cost of paper shredding services. The exact price you pay will differ between each shredder, so don’t be afraid to shop around until you find a service that offers a price you’re comfortable with.

Plus, you have to make sure the service offers the shredding option you need. For example, if you need either onsite or off-site shredding, contact The Shredding Company Inc. We’re one of the commercial shredding companies that offer shredding options. In short, be smart and meticulous when partnering with a shredding service.