Key Questions & Answers

When selecting a shredding service, potential clients often request information that may impact their selection of a service provider and/or their ability to work with a specific firm.

  • Are we General Services Administration (GSA) Approved?

    Yes. GSA approval is an extensive examination and vetting process, in which a business is screened, audited, verified and approved to offer their services to the Federal government. One of the key elements of the GSA approval process is the financial integrity and overall health of the business seeking approval.

  • Are we competitively priced?

    Yes. While price is a factor, quality shredding service is about much more. It is about security, reliability and service. Be leery of someone offering what seems to be a low-ball price. Cut-rate providers often act as middlemen, outsourcing shredding to third parties. Because of this, destruction can take place weeks or months after pick-up, at the convenience of the final service provider. In these cases, document storage between pick-up and destruction can be insecure. Even if a shredding firm provides a Certificate of Destruction, a business is not absolved of responsibility, or legal recourse and litigation, should a final service provider fail to perform its services in a timely and efficient manner. Know your service provider.

  • Is shredding all we do?

    Yes. Shredding is our only business. Many types of businesses “also provide shredding services.” Appropriately, you may see “red flags” regarding security, cross-utilization of employees, chain of custody of materials and employee screening. Success in one field doesn’t assure competence in others. Many of these companies are like the cut-rate providers described above—they outsource shredding. Choose to work with an experienced, local firm that specializes in secure document and materials destruction. Your peace of mind is worth a few extra dollars.

  • Are we part of a national chain or franchise?

    No. The Shredding Company is a locally-owned and operated firm, not part of a national chain or franchise. Many national carriers offer strong brand recognition and the perception of an even stronger commitment to customer service. They can fail to live up to this expectation once the sales presentation is over, with service requests being routed through central call centers and service technicians frequently reassigned due to turnover.

  • Are we headquartered locally?

    Yes. Our headquarters is in Gaithersburg, Maryland and we serve the District of Columbia, the southern part of Maryland outside of DC and Northern Virginia. Many shredding services advertise to appear “local,” but are not. It is not uncommon for companies to offer coverage to multiple metropolitan cities hundreds of miles apart, with only one or two trucks. This can impact and undermine service. Go local.