How Mobile Shredding Services Work

A pile of shredded paper.

Shredding certain documents is something all commercial businesses need to do, though not everyone knows how to do it. Newcomers to the subject might think they need to take off an afternoon to drive up to a physical building and go through the shredding process there. While you can do this, you can also opt for mobile shredding instead. To show you how easy and convenient the document destruction process can be, we’ll detail exactly how mobile shredding services work.

If you don’t already know this, your business needs to have a document retention schedule. This schedule will inform you of when it’s time to securely discard certain documents to remain in accordance with the proper federal and state laws. Once it’s time to destroy the documents, gather them up and contact a professional shredding service. The Shredding Company offers paper shredding services in DC as well as many cities throughout Maryland and Virginia. If you’re outside these boundaries, you’ll have to seek out another reputable shredding service in your area.

Once you reach out to a shredding service, clarify you want to use mobile shredding. After this, you and the shredding service will schedule a day in which they’ll come down to your office with the mobile shredding truck. During the time between your initial call and the scheduled date, the shredding service should provide you with secure bins in which to place documents that require disposal. During the days leading up to the appointment, collect any documents that you need to destroy. When doing this, don’t worry about removing staples, paper clips, or folders. Any quality shredding service will have shredders powerful enough to tear through objects like those with ease.

When the scheduled appointment finally arrives, you’ll provide the service representative with the secure bins filled with the documents that require shredding. Once the representative gathers all of the bins, they’ll load them onto the mobile shredder and destroy those documents right in front of you. Afterward, make sure that the shredding service provides you with a certificate of destruction before they leave.

Now that you see how mobile shredding services work, you can schedule an appointment knowing what to expect. Mobile shredding services are as convenient as they are thorough and discreet. It’s for this very reason that quality shredding services offer this option. If you appreciated the experience of working with a specific shredder, ask them about setting up regularly scheduled mobile shredding appointments according to your company’s needs, whether you require shredding daily, weekly, or monthly.