Properly disposing of documents when necessary is something that all businesses, big and small, need to do. When it comes time to shred those documents, you should avoid picking up any random shredder from a local store and having a random employee do it. Sensitive documents like the type that require a retention schedule need a secure, thorough form of disposal. Instead of an office shredder, these documents need the assistance of a professional shredding service. Without proper disposal, these documents can fall into the hands of malicious parties and next thing you know, your employees, your company, or your customers are falling victim to identity theft.

This guide will teach anyone in charge of a company how professional shredding services benefit your business. Understanding and abiding by this will allow your company to sustain reputable, legally abiding practices while also increasing productivity and decreasing annual expenses along the way.

Improves Employee Productivity

When it comes time to shred certain documents, it might seem easier and more cost-effective to have an employee do it. However, cutting corners like this can hinder workplace productivity. This is because the employee given the task of shredding will have to go through the documents and remove paper clips and staples, straighten out documents to ensure they go in the shredder properly, and dispose of the paper.

This doesn’t conclude the responsibilities given to the employee because anyone who has ever emptied a shredder knows that it typically leaves behind a trail of tiny shreds of paper that require cleaning with the help of a vacuum or sweeper. If a particularly lazy employee carries out this task, you also run the risk of them just leaving the shreds of paper on the ground and creating an eyesore in the workplace, which isn’t something clients and customers want to see when they come to visit.

By going to a professional shredding service instead of handing off shredding duties to an employee, you don’t have to put all of these tasks on someone who already has important tasks they need to carry out that are relevant to their role in your company. If they’re too busy shredding paper, then they’re not doing the very task you hired them to do in the first place, which is quite counterproductive in the grand scheme of things.

If you’re worried about hindering your own workplace efficiency by taking the documents to a shredding facility, don’t be. This is because many shredding companies offer a mobile paper shredding service, meaning the shredder can come right to your office and destroy any documents with ease. Professional shredders can also chew through paper clips, folders, and staples with no trouble so you won’t have to remove those like you would with a small office shredder.

No More Worrying About Recycling

Another way that professional shredding helps with workplace productivity is that it cuts out the necessity for you to recycle the documents. Not only will shredding services destroy documents, but they’ll also make sure they are properly recycled as well.

This is both better for the environment and a more effective way of keeping your documents out of the wrong hands. You might think that after shredding documents, they are no longer susceptible to theft. However, thieves can still use these shreds of paper against your company. By using a professional paper service, your documents will remain under full security in the same building from the destruction process to the eventual recycling.

Saves the Company Money

In the previous point, there was a mention of companies unfamiliar with the topic of professional shredding feeling as though having an employee shred the documents is more cost-effective than seeking out a dedicated service for it. Of course, it makes sense to have that idea, because at first, it seems like buying a small shredder for the office is much cheaper than a professional service. Surprisingly, professional shredding is actually the more cost-effective route to take.

When you rely on an office shredder, you’ll run up a few costs outside of the money you’ll have to shell out for the shredder, such as disposal bags for the paper and recycling services for disposal. Other costs can occur when it comes time to replace the shredder at the end of its life cycle or if it breaks at some point. If your office shredder breaks the day you need to use it, you’ll lose valuable time as you find a means to fix or replace it, both options which require additional expenses as well.

Helps Your Reputation Remain Intact

Shredding documents regularly and reliably will also help you form a good reputation in the industry. Recklessly running a business by paying no attention to document retention schedules or proper shredding practices can lead to you suffering from a data breach. If the information you have in the office falls into the wrong hands, such as medical or tax records, it can hurt your reputation.

If you want customers and employees alike to put their faith in you and the promises of your business, you have to carry out the right practices day-in and day-out, such as keeping documents secure from the moment they enter your office to the moment of disposal. Maintaining high privacy standards is vital for any business trying to make a name for themselves. In fact, you can find yourself in legal trouble if by allowing any personal customer or employee information to get into the wrong hands.

Now that you know how professional shredding services benefit your business, hopefully, you’ll now follow the proper steps to contact and form a relationship with one in your area. However, you should also know that a paper shredding service can often provide further help than just shredding. For instance, at The Shredding Company, we offer material destruction services to commercial businesses for devices such as CDs, DVDs, laptops, and hard drives. That way, even if you have sensitive information in digital form, you can still ensure it receives safe and secure disposal.

A Guide to How Document Shredding Works