How To Choose a GSA-Approved Shredding Company

When federal government agencies need to securely destroy files and other materials containing sensitive information, they need a GSA-approved shredding company for the job. The GSA, or General Services Administration, investigates material-destruction companies to ensure they have the reliability and financial stability to work with federal government agencies. This guide will show agencies how to choose a GSA-approved shredding company for their specific needs.

Destruction Options

Not every shredding company will offer you the same destruction options. First, we’ll discuss document shredding specifically, which can be securely conducted on-site or off-site.

For off-site shredding, the shredding company provides agencies with secure bins to place the documents within, shows up to the agency facility, and takes the bins in a GPS-tracked vehicle to a secure facility where they will be effectively destroyed. However, even with GSA-approved companies, some people aren’t quite comfortable with sending sensitive documents to another facility without their supervision. Luckily, on-site shredding is the process of bringing a mobile shredding unit right to your agency’s doorstep.

That way, if you want to see your documents securely destroyed before they leave your agency, you can. Furthermore, if your agency needs to destroy materials like laptops, hard drives, and DVDs/CDs carrying sensitive information, make sure the company you’re considering will fit those needs.

Company Security

If a shredding company is GSA-approved, you should expect a special amount of security and reliability. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look into a company’s business practices before committing to them for your document destruction needs. When you inquire about a shredding company’s security, you should specifically look for the presence of proper GPS-tracking for off-site shredding, background checks, drug testing, employee training, and insurance. If a GSA-approved company checks all of those boxes, you can feel comfortable and stress-free when allowing them to handle your agency’s sensitive documents.

Using these steps on how to choose a GSA-approved shredding company will help agencies find the best services for their document destruction needs. If your agency is in need of secure and reliable materials destruction services, we can help. At The Shredding Company, our GSA-approved paper shredding services in Maryland will help you destroy documents with the convenience and peace of mind that should come with all GSA-approved companies.