How To Dispose of Confidential Records the Right Way

If a company or organization doesn’t take the right measures to securely dispose of confidential records, those records can easily wind up in the wrong hands. When it comes time to destroy sensitive information, you can’t simply toss it into the nearest shredder or recycling bin. This guide will teach you how to dispose of confidential records the right way.

Physical Records

Securely disposing of confidential records begins with collecting them. Your company should have a document retention schedule in place that lists the dates when you must dispose of confidential information. Periodically plan days throughout the year when all employees collect the confidential records they’re in charge of that are ready for disposal. Employees should place these records in secure bins provided by the professional shredding company you partner with.

Seeking the help of a professional shredding company will allow you to destroy documents thoroughly and securely. You’ll have to do research on the company beforehand to ensure they’re reputable and have accolades such as NAID AAA certification. Once you find a reputable shredding service, the two common forms of destruction that you should have access to are on-site and off-site shredding.

On-site services are situations in which the company brings a mobile shredding unit to your workplace and destroys the documents right in front of your eyes. Off-site services are situations where the company picks up the secure bins filled with documents from your workplace and takes them to a separate, secure facility in a GPS-tracked vehicle for disposal.

Digital Records

When it comes to destroying digital records, you’ll use essentially the same process as when destroying physical documents. If you have a laptop or hard drive full of confidential information that you need to securely destroy, commercial shredding companies such as The Shredding Company will offer materials destruction services that will destroy your laptops, hard drives, CD, and DVDs beyond repair. Whenever you destroy digital or physical records, the shredding company that carries out the service should promptly provide you with a certificate of destruction afterward.

Knowing how to dispose of confidential records the right way will keep your offices a responsible place to do business. It’s easy for hackers and other malicious parties to get ahold of sensitive data, whether digital or physical, but taking these steps will help you prevent that from ever happening within your company.