How to Prepare Documents for Shredding

If you run a commercial business, it’s important to securely dispose of sensitive documents. Whether it’s health records or tax information, you need to be aware of when to get rid of it and how to do it. Luckily, paper shredding companies can help you keep confidential information out of the wrong hands. Learn how to prepare documents for shredding so that you can properly dispose of the necessary materials when the time comes.

Make Sure You Really Want to Shred Them

There’s no turning back after you shred a document. That’s why it’s very important to sift through each document you plan on shredding to make sure you really want to go ahead with the process. You should also gather all the documents that are past their retention schedule. If a document is past its retention schedule, you are legally obligated to securely dispose of it.

Don’t Worry About Paper Clips, Staples, Etc.

Newcomers to the world of shredding might think it’s necessary to remove binders, paper clips, or staples from documents. This is a laborious process, and luckily, you don’t have to worry about it. Commercial shredding services such as The Shredding Company have machines that are powerful enough to chomp through staples and binders with ease.

Choose the Right Service for Your Needs

Shredding companies typically offer multiple different services for you to choose from. Factors such as how many documents you need to shred will determine which service is best for you. If you don’t need to shred many documents, you can use onsite shredding, where a shredder arrives at your office to cut through documents right in front of you. However, if you find this too obtrusive in your work environment, you can also go with offsite services, where the shredding company picks up the documents and destroys them at a separate facility.

Following these steps for how to prepare documents for shredding, you can properly dispose of sensitive employee, customer, and company information when necessary. At The Shredding Company, whether you need to get rid of documents or laptops, we’ll help you do so securely and efficiently. With the help of a reliable shredding service, you won’t have to worry about sensitive documents getting into the wrong hands once they leave your office.