Important Tips for Disposing of Old Company Devices

As technological innovation rapidly advances, companies continue to update their equipment. When you’re replacing devices like computers or smartphones, you have to be mindful of the data within. These important tips for disposing of old company devices will help you embrace innovation in a smart and secure way.

Back up Important Data

Always double-check the information on any device you’re planning to destroy, whether it’s a smartphone, laptop, or hard drive. If the devices you plan on discarding still have data you need for business purposes, back it up.

You can back up the data you need by swapping it over to a new external hard drive. Try to avoid a situation in which you can’t find old data you needed.

Wipe All Devices

Once the necessary data is securely backed up, you can begin wiping the devices. Wiping data is very different from deleting files. If you delete a file, the data still lingers on your hard drive, meaning it continues to be vulnerable.

To prevent this data from falling into the wrong hands, use a reliable DoD (Department of Defense) compliant disk wipe software. After erasing all remaining data from your devices, you need to find a reliable materials destruction service.

Seek Out a Materials Destruction Service

One of the most important tips for disposing of old company devices is to keep from throwing items in the trash. Instead, find a professional for the job. If you already use a professional, NAID AAA-certified shredding service, you can most likely use them to destroy your devices, too.

For example, we offer secure business document shredding services, and we also destroy materials like CDs, DVDs, laptops, and hard drives. After our service destroys your devices, you don’t have to worry about malicious parties taking advantage of the data previously saved on them. You can rest easy knowing you took the right steps to dispose of your old devices.