The Benefits of off-Site Document Shredding

When it comes to business document shredding, you have two avenues to take: off-site or on-site shredding. On-site shredding involves a company bringing a mobile shredding unit to your place of business and destroying the documents right there in front of you. Off-site shredding, on the other hand, involves a company picking up the documents from your workplace via locked storage containers and transporting them to a secure shredding facility.

Watching the shredding on-site might sound like an obvious choice because you can witness the document destruction instead of putting your trust in another company to do it somewhere else. However, the benefits of off-site document shredding listed below will break down the advantages of this method and why, if you team up with the right shredding company, you can rest assured knowing your documents are in the right hands the moment they leave your office.

Out of Sight, but in the Right Hands

Allowing sensitive data to leave your workplace before the destruction process might be stressful for some. Luckily, a high-quality professional shredding service will have the right security measures in place to keep your documents safe from the moment they leave your office, all the way up until they’re officially shredded.

For instance, when you use our off-site shredding services, your documents remain within locked storage containers. When the scheduled shredding date arrives, we’ll place those bins onto a GPS- and video-monitored truck until it reaches our facility for shredding. Even though off-site shredding happens at a separate facility than your office, you should still promptly receive a Certificate of Destruction once the data is officially destroyed.

To ensure the shredding service you’re partnering with upholds the proper security protocols, do some research into previous clients. Read reviews about them and inquire about their hiring process, too. It might sound odd at first but it’s important to know whether or not the company is taking the right security measures, such as extensive background checks and drug screenings. You should also visit their website and look for the symbol of NAID AAA certification. Furthermore, if you’re a member of the federal government seeking a professional shredding service, you have to make sure you’re dealing with a service that carries GSA approval.

Minimizes Clutter in the Office

Thanks to the secure storage containers you’ll place the to-be shredded documents in, you don’t have to worry about them cluttering up your workplace while you wait for your next scheduled shredding appointment. Such clutter can be detrimental to the workplace in a few ways. For instance, a sea of clutter makes seeking out files much less efficient.

If your employees are sifting through a mixture of outdated files requiring disposal and current files ready for business purposes, it can make a very quick step much slower. It might sound like a small issue but removing it can make the workplace more productive and focused.

Additionally, the longer your outdated files aren’t in locked storage containers, the longer they are susceptible to theft by malicious parties. By keeping the files in locked containers, they can remain safe and ready to be swiftly picked up by your chosen shredding service. Finally, having less clutter can often make the workplace look cleaner and more organized.

If your file cabinets are egregiously overstuffed with sensitive documents, it can appear disorganized, messy, and reckless to clients who stop by. Looking as organized as your practices actually are, as well as having locked storage containers for outdated documents, can provide clients with peace of mind. They’ll know their data is in the right hands when they give it to you.

Keeps the Office Free of Distractions

Another way that off-site shredding allows you to optimize your office space is by removing potential distractions. One of the biggest benefits of both on-site and off-site shredding is they’re both stress-free and don’t rely on you having to take the documents somewhere to be securely shredded.

As beneficial as on-site mobile shredding can be, some businesses see the process as too disrupting to their work environment. If you choose an off-site shredding plan, the outdated documents go into the locked containers until the shredding company stops by to pick them up to take them to the shredding facility. It’s quick, easy, and prevents any potential disruptions in the office.

Helps You Dispose of Data in an Environmentally-Friendly Way

Teaming with a reputable professional shredding company doesn’t just mean you’re getting reliable and secure services. It should also mean that your documents will be properly destroyed in an environmentally-friendly way.

Putting your documents in the hands of an environmentally-friendly shredding service means you can play a role in minimizing the destruction of trees for the purposes of creating products, as well as the harmful actions that come with paper production (including, but not limited to, extensive water and energy consumption.)

In addition, environmentally-friendly shredding services can help prevent the growth of landfills as well. Environmental friendliness isn’t something that’s on the mind of all commercial companies, but it should be. The great thing about teaming up with the right shredding service is you can rely on them to do what’s right for the environment instead of having to take the extra steps yourself. This takes an immense load of stress off your shoulders so you can focus on more pressing business matters.

As you can see from the benefits of off-site document shredding, this method of document destruction can be just as effective and efficient as on-site mobile shredding services. The method you choose ultimately comes down to what’s right for your specific business and comfort needs.

As mentioned before, it’s understandable if you feel trepidatious about trusting another company with the responsibility of transporting and shredding your sensitive business data. However, from extensive background checks to NAID AAA certification and beyond, there are multiple key signs to look out for that’ll determine whether or not you’re dealing with a reputable professional shredding service.

The Benefits of off-Site Document Shredding