The Importance of Shredding Your Documents

Across the wide landscape of businesses in America, everyone has to handle important information at one point or another. This information can range from credit card information to payroll records, and the list certainly doesn’t end there. That’s where the importance of shredding your documents comes in. There are shredding services all over the country that are designed to dispose of documents and other sensitive material efficiently, thoroughly, and securely. As you’ll see from the tips below, shredding your documents is an important process for any business or organization to follow.

Maintain Customer Security

A business’s duty is to ensure that any and all sensitive customer information doesn’t land in the wrong hands. By shredding any documents that contain customer information once you no longer need them, you avoid letting those customers fall victim to common crimes such as identity theft. A data breach could significantly affect your company’s public reputation.

Maintain Employee Security

Simply throwing certain documents into the trash can compromise your employees’ privacy.

Just as you have to protect your customers, you must also protect your employees. You should never throw documents such as time cards, social security cards, health records, and any other documents with sensitive employee information into a normal trash bin.

Maintain Government Guidelines

Properly disposing of important documents isn’t just a moral obligation—it’s a legal requirement. Certain laws require businesses to correctly dispose of sensitive information. For example, the Data Protection Act establishes that a company must properly dispose of documents such as medical records and home address records once the company no longer needs them.

All businesses and organizations should understand the importance of shredding their documents. As you can see, shredding sensitive documents keeps customers and employees safe and keeps businesses in compliance with the law. If you need shredding services near Maryland, Northern Virginia, or Washington, D.C., we can help. The Shredding Company provides off-site shredding services so that businesses can effectively keep sensitive information out of the wrong hands.