Tips for Choosing a Professional Shredding Company

Although it’s a necessity for commercial businesses and government agencies to team with shredding companies to dispose of sensitive information, it can be hard to find one you can trust. Like with any industry, it’s easy for a shredding company to make false claims about their practices to seem more reliable than they actually are. However, there are some helpful ways to know beforehand whether or not you’re dealing with a good company.

These tips for choosing a professional shredding company will teach you how to tell a trustworthy shredder from an untrustworthy one. Given the sensitive nature of the documents companies and agencies need to shred, dealing with a secure, law-abiding shredding company is a necessity.

Confirm the Company Has a Strong Reputation in the Industry

First and foremost, you have to make sure you’re dealing with a shredding company that has a solid reputation among clients. When looking at a potential shredding company, figure out how much experience they have in the industry. If they have years of experience under their belt, then you should be in the right hands. However, there’s more research you have to do besides learning how long they’ve been around.

Seek out online reviews to see what people have to say about the company. In fact, ask the company to supply you with references so that you can follow up with previous clients directly. If the shredding company doesn’t want to provide you with references, take your business elsewhere.

Make Sure the Company Knows and Follows Industry Laws

Speaking of upholding a good reputation, it’s important to know whether or not the professional shredding company you’re looking at is aware of industry laws and follows them each and every day. Of course, if you ask the company if they know and follow industry laws, they can easily lie about it.

However, a great notifier of a quality professional shredding company is AAA certification from the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). NAID monitors professional shredding companies to ensure they’re following the proper business practices. When a company is particularly secure and reliable, the NAID will grant them AAA certification.

That being said, you might be thinking: “Wait, can’t they lie about having AAA certification too?” The answer is yes. It’s easy for a company to lie and say that they have the certification, so you’ll need to go to the website in order to be sure. If the company legitimately has this AAA certification, it should be clearly labeled on its website. If you don’t find certification on the company’s website, consider looking at other companies.

Confirm the Company Conducts Background Checks and Drug Tests

In sticking with the theme of easy lies, a shredding company can easily say they do background checks when they really don’t. It’s important for professional shredding companies to conduct background checks and hire trustworthy employees because the most important purpose of a shredding company is to help businesses securely dispose of sensitive information.

That’s why, to ensure the company really does carry out background checks and drug tests, you must ask for physical proof. If the company provides you with the proper documentation, then that’s a good sign. However, if the company refuses to provide you with proof, then you should refuse to consider them as your shredding company.

Ask About Their Shredding Options

Aside from ensuring the shredding company you’re talking to is trustworthy and law-abiding, you have to make sure they offer the services you need. For example, a professional shredding company should offer you offsite or onsite destruction options. Offsite shredding means the company shows up to your office, provides you with secure containers to place your documents in, transports them in a truck with GPS tracking technology, and destroys them at their facility.

However, if you feel wary about allowing certain documents to leave the premises before being destroyed, that’s certainly understandable. This is why quality shredding companies offer mobile onsite shredding, which is when the shredding company transports a mobile shredder to your location and destroys the documents right in front of you. Onsite shredding helps mitigate any concerns you may have about your documents falling into the wrong hands between your office and the shredding facility.

If this is your first time working with a shredding company, you might not be aware of additional services they can provide. This is why, instead of simply shredding documents, you should ask the company if they will also destroy devices like hard drives, DVDs, or laptops. This is a beneficial service that a good shredding company should offer to clients, especially given the current prominence of digitally sharing information via phones, computers, and other devices.

Ask About Setting Up a Regular Shredding Schedule

Whether it’s once a year or once a week, you’re most likely going to need to hire a shredding company multiple times over the years. So, before committing to a shredding service, ask them about their schedule. It might seem forward to do this before the first shredding appointment; however, if you want to rely on this company for all of your document destruction needs, you have to make sure you can fit into their schedule and that they can fit into yours. If the scheduling doesn’t match up, then you’ll have to shop around for another shredding company that can meet your needs.

These tips for choosing a professional shredding company will help you find the best method for disposing of your business’s sensitive information when the time comes. Disposal of sensitive information, such as medical records and tax information, is necessary for businesses to remain in accordance with the law and maintain a solid reputation. After all, one bad data leak can cause a lot of trouble. Luckily, there are professional shredding companies out there that can provide you with a reputable means of document destruction. For instance, if you’re in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC, then The Shredding Company can help.

The Shredding Company provides government agencies and commercial businesses in the area with secure business document shredding services, as well as other forms of material destruction. If you’re located elsewhere in the United States, simply use the guide above to shop around different shredding companies in your area. Once you find a reputable company, set up a shredding schedule. That way, you can operate your business with the peace of mind that your sensitive information is in the right hands, from the moment it enters your office until the moment it leaves.

Tips for Choosing a Professional Shredding Company