Ways to Improve Document Security

Looking for ways to improve document security is always important for businesses to do. While many businesses understand the importance of document security, others don’t pay much attention to it. It’s those companies who need to learn about document security the most. These methods below will help you run a company that responsibly handles sensitive information to prevent it from winding up in the hands of malicious parties.

Secure Vulnerable Devices

One of the most common and beneficial ways to improve document security is making sure your devices have the proper protection. Whether the documents are on a computer or a tablet, the device needs to have password protection in place. By ensuring these devices are under password protection, you can prevent unauthorized personal from hopping on and seeing information they shouldn’t be seeing.

Train employees on how to create high-quality passwords that won’t be easily cracked by hackers or malicious parties within the office. Furthermore, encourage employees not to tell others their password. Even if you have a trustworthy team, personal passwords should never be recklessly shared between co-workers.

Always Print Responsibly

When employees print out documents containing sensitive information, they run the risk of making that document vulnerable to others in the office. To prevent employees from glancing at or full-on stealing business documents from printers, similar to the point above, use password-protected print systems. For most printers, employees select the document and printer location, then click “print”. It’s as easy as that.

Password-protected printers will, after an employee selects a document for printing, refuse to print the document. That is, until the employee reaches the printer and signs in with a unique password, thus making it impossible for anyone to take advantage of that document during the time it takes employees to walk from their desk to the device.

Properly Dispose of Documents

After an employee prints out a business document, even with a secure printing unit in place, they must be careful how they dispose of such documents. Tossing these business documents containing sensitive data, such as home addresses or medical records, into normal shredders, and then putting those in a recycling bin, is only going to make it easier for malicious parties to obtain them. This is why business owners must team with NAID AAA-certified local shredding companies such as The Shredding Company to handle document destruction.

Teaming with a reputable shredding service will ensure your documents are securely destroyed the moment you no longer need them. As well as working with a local shredding service, train employees on how to store and dispose of such documents when necessary. Partnering with the right shredding company is great but if employees are improperly disposing of documents in-between shredding appointments, you’ll still have a security risk on your hands. Make sure the shredding service you partner with can work within your schedule, whether you require document shredding on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.