What Documents You Should Shred

To carry out responsible and legal practices, both government agencies and commercial businesses across the United States have to securely dispose of certain documents they receive, no matter how frequently they receive them. If you’re a business owner unsure of what documents you should shred, take a look at this guide to the subject. This list will take you through many of the important documents you should shred after a certain period of time.

  • Anything containing signatures
  • Anything containing social security information
  • Anything containing bank account information
  • Anything containing credit card information
  • Copies of birth certificates
  • Employee ID cards
  • Legal documents
  • Tax records
  • Medical records (patients, employees, etc.)
  • Insurance records
  • Pay stubs
  • Receipts
  • Employee resumes and applications
  • Contracts
  • Client information
  • Inventory checklists/records

All businesses need a thorough, up-to-date retention schedule for the aforementioned documents. Each document has a unique expiration date that you should map out the moment it arrives in your office.

For example, you can typically shred bank statements after only one year, while you should hang on to certain tax records for anywhere between four to seven years. Certain dates alternate depending on which state you live in. So, before putting a retention schedule together for the documents listed above, research how long you’re allowed to hang onto specific ones to be in accordance with local government guidelines. Additionally, you should only shred contracts when they’re no longer of use.

Now that you’re aware of many of the documents your business needs to shred, you can find a secure shredding business to help you out. As you can see, knowing what document you should shred is an important part of owning a business.

Be careful when choosing a paper shredding service, because if you want the right security and reliability with your document destruction, you need to take the extra steps to ensure the service you find can deliver on that. If you’re in need of commercial shredding companies in the Maryland, Virginia, or the Washington, D.C. area, then we can help. At The Shredding Company, we can shred your business documents as well as laptops, hard drives, CDs, and more.