Why You Must Work With a GSA-Approved Shredding Company
The United States Government needs to securely dispose of physical documents and files, just like many commercial businesses around the country need to as well. However, they can’t just seek the help of any paper shredding company willing to offer their services, or else they run the risk of leaking that information to nefarious parties. If you’re a member of the federal government, use this guide to learn why you must work with a GSA-approved shredding company.

GSA stands for the General Services Administration. When materials destruction companies want to work for the federal government, they need to seek approval from the GSA. The GSA will provide or deny approval after investigating, auditing, and assessing the company to make sure their business practices and financial situation are up to par for the industry.

Now you know what GSA stands for and what they do but we haven’t broken down the main topic of this guide—why you must work with a GSA-approved shredding company if you’re in charge of finding one for your government agency.

Given the sensitive nature of the documents that government agencies handle and dispose of on a regular basis, it’s obviously vital for them to rely on the most reputable document destruction services around. How government agencies find the most reputable companies is with the help of the GSA. Once the GSA says a shredding company is good enough to work with the government, the company can officially extend their services. Then, your government agency can hire them knowing they’ll use the right level of security when shredding documents, maintain a high level of overall security on their premises, effectively screen employees upon hiring them, and have the proper insurance in place.

Now that you know why your government agency needs to use a GSA-approved company for shredding, you’re ready to find a local service provider for your document destruction. Our GSA-approved commercial shredding services in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia will securely dispose of sensitive information the right way, whether you want the shredding to happen on your premises or in one of our secure shredding facilities.

When you team with a GSA-approved shredder, don’t forget to set up a regular schedule as well. Whether you need shredding services weekly, monthly, or on some other specific basis, setting up a regular shredding schedule will help you save time on finding a disposal service and scheduling an appointment every time you need to shred something. With a shredding schedule in place, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that after gathering the documents ahead of time, a secure means of disposal will be ready when you need it.